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Cheshire Home Services: Cat and small animal sitting service

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Liz Nelms
Phone: 07553540898
77 Moss Road CW8 4BH

High Quality Care for your furry felines in the comfort of their own home.

We provide a friendly, caring and professional service for owners who know that their cats would prefer to ‘stay at home’ whilst their humans are away. It’s a well known fact that cats are territorial animals and removing them to a cattery can be extremely stressful.

We offer a ‘drop in’ visit for a minimum of forty minutes where we will:

  • Check the wellbeing of your pet – particularly if they have any pre-existing conditions.
  • Wash all bowls and replace food and fresh water and/or cat milk as per your instructions.
  • Clean out litter trays and top up with fresh litter.
  • Administer tablet medication where requested.
  • Clean all floor areas around cat bowls and litter trays.
  • Provide play/brushing/fuss – whichever your cat prefers.
  • Photo/video updates and text messages sent via WhatsApp for every visit.
  • At each visit we will check your home is safe and secure.
  • House keys are stored in a locked keysafe between visits.

One daily visit: £10.00

Two daily visits: £20.00

Who we are

Liz Nelms has been owned by cats for almost forty years and currently has four of her own furry felines in her care, two males and two females. Her eldest male cat suffers from hyperthyroidism, so she is well used to finding ways of getting his daily tablet inside him. He’s a tuxedo cat and he likes to talk, he has a lovely nature. In April 2018, Liz took in a long haired ginger tabby (pictured above) whose owners moved into rented accommodation and could no longer keep him. He is settling in well considering he’d lived with his previous owners for eight years. Her two females are silver tabbies, one is 12 and one is 3, Liz has had both girls since kittens, and the youngest is a very spoilt princess!


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