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Lindsy Murray Horse Behaviour Consultant

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Lindsy Murray
Phone: 07974 694278
Cheshire UK


Are you concerned about your horse's behaviour?

Is your horse

•  Nervous?

• Anxious?

• Unable to relax or focus?

• Defensive or aggressive?

• Reserved or withdrawn?

• Finding it hard to cope with its environment?

• Having recurring illness or disease?

• Prolonged or difficult convalescence?

The above are clear indicators that a horse may be struggling with some aspect of its daily life.
Identifying what is causing this stress can be complex and if not addressed correctly can lead to further
unwanted complications.


Root cause of behaviour problems

Lindsy helps owners understand the root cause of behaviour problems, offering solutions based on appropriate care
and responsible management.
Lindsy is strongly against the use of aversive techniques to override unwanted behaviours. She believes that
suppressing behaviour through fear is unethical and only leads to further complications.
Instead she promotes training based on positive reinforcement rather than any form of punishment.


Holistic Approach

Alongside her work as an equine behaviourist,  Lindsy has worked for the past twenty five years in the field of
complementary therapy for animals, she believes that this holistic approach can be extremely beneficial when helping horses overcome behavioural problems. This work is optional and can be introduced at any time if necessary.


Contact Lindsy

If you would like to discuss with Lindsy how she can make a positive difference to the wellbeing of your horse, please feel free to contact her.

Every horse is different and she will take the time to discuss the possibilities of helping you in whatever way she can.

All work is undertaken through Veterinary consent/referral,

07974 694278

International Association of Animal  Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) Certified Horse & Dog Behaviour Consultant

Member of the IAABC Application Review Committee

Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Accredited Horse and Dog Behaviourist

Natural Animal Centre Qualified Dog and Horse Behaviourist
Based in Cheshire, Lindsy travels throughout the UK.

For information about dogs please return to www.lindsymurray.co.uk

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