Dog Walking in Northwich

Dog Walking Services in Northwich

Who offers reliable Dog Walking Services in Northwich

Dog Walking Services in Northwich

Everybody knows the benefits of owning a dog - they are loving, fun and a great addition to any family.

But they are also very tying - we all have busy lives nowadays and dogs need regular exercise. What happens when we are at work,  need to work late at work or have an unexpected drama to deal with?

In the old days where communities were close and relatives lived just down the road we simply picked up the telephone but as families are now spread wider apart and our friends and neighbours are busy with their own lives it has become more and more difficult to call for help; and what do you do when you have just moved into an area and don't know anybody?

The scenarios mentioned above have led to the rise of individuals and businesses offering Dog Walking Services in Northwich and the surrounding area.

How to choose the service best for you.

German Shepherd being walked in Northwich

All the businesses offering Dog Walking Services in Northwich work in a similar way. You can employ them on a regular basis, ie one or two walks every weekday or on an ad-hoc basis in an emergency.

There needs to be a trust between you and your dog walker and you need to do your research.

It is important that you and your dog meet the person who will be entrusted with your dog beforehand. Do they seem comfortable around dogs? Does your dog take to them?

You are well within your rights to ask them questions - what is their experience, have they owned dogs, how many other dogs do they walk?

Also do they have experience of your type of dog. Dogs vary in size and temperament - will they be able to cope?

It is also very important that you are completely honest with them. Tell them what your dog likes and dislikes, if he chases cats and rabbits, whether he is OK with other dogs and children.

Discuss where your dog will be walked, if they are scared of traffic can you choose a route away from busy roads?

Also checked that the dog walker has insurance and don't be afraid of asking to see the policy details - veterinary bills can be very expensive and you need to make sure you are covered should the worst happen.

It is also a good idea to tell the dog walker which vet you use and making sure that if your dog needs treatment whilst in their care they will take your dog to your vets where their clinical history is.

If your dog is collected in a vehicle make sure you inspect it - does it have a securely fastened cage ?


Dog Walking Services in Northwich

It is good practice to speak to someone who is already using the service.

Most Dog Walking Services in Northwich will have testimonials on their website or reviews on their social media pages but don't just take these at face value ask other dog walkers in your area who they use and what their experience was like.


Not only will you be trusting your dog walker with the care of a loved companion but you will also need to give them keys to your home.

Are they DRB checked ? This checks whether they have a criminal record and you should ask to see proof that they are checked.


There is no set price for Dog Walking Services in Northwich but how walkers work out their prices will be based on a number of factors.

They will more than likely price by the half hour and this may or may not include travelling time.

Some charge differently depending on whether you want your dog walking individually or as part of a wider group.

Many will offer discounts for walking more than one dog from the same household at the same time.

You may find that if you are flexible with the times you want your dog walking you will get a better rate as they can fit your walk around walking other people's dogs.






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